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A Schola Gregoriana Europaea session at the Abbey of Pannonhalma

Abbey of Pannonhalma

Schola Gregoriana Europaea will sing the Offices of the Assumption of Mary
at the millennial Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma - in Hungary.

The first Benedictine monks settled in Pannonhalma in 996 evangelised the Hungarians,
founded the first Magyar school
and wrote the first text in Hungarian in 1055.
Since its foundation, this monastic community has not ceased to ensure the spread of culture in Central Europe.
Its millennial history can be seen in the succession of architectural styles
of the monastic buildings, the oldest dating from 1224.
These buildings still house the community of monks and a boarding school for boys.
The abbey is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Video of Pannonhalma ► 

Pannonhalma Abbey is

  • 100 km from Bratislava Airport
  • 120 km from Vienna Airport
  • 160 km from Budapest Airport.
It would be possible to share a rental car from one of these airports.
The Vienna-Budapest train stops at Gyor.
The Flixbus Bratislava-Budapest stops in Gyor, where you could be picked up.

Presentation of the abbey:

We will rehearse from Wednesday 12 to Friday 14 August 2020 on site.
  • we will sing first Vespers and the Vigil, on Friday 14 August 2020
  • we will sing the Mass and second Vespers, on Saturday the 15th.

The score, to be studied carefully before the session, will be available around February 15, 2020.
The session will be conducted by Ferenc Sapszon assisted by Márton Tóth.
Ferenc Sapszon teaches Gregorian Chant at the Kodály Zoltán Magyar Kórusiskola Music School in Budapest.
He directs the Iubilate girls' choir and the Cantate mixed choir
which have performed many times,
at the International Gregorian Chant Festival of Watou.

To express interest in taking part you can now complete a pre-inscription.
Your definitive inscription will be confirmed by e-mail.
In order to make up the definitive list of participants, we take into account:
  • the geographical distribution of the members
  • a balance between male and female voices
Forty-four singers will be the limit: 22 male voices and 22 female voices.
This event is aimed at singers with a sound experience of singing plainchant (according to semiology) and psalmody.
Accomodation at the abbey in single room: 250 €
This price is all included:
full bed and board from Tuesday 11 August in the afternoon
until Sunday 16 August 2020 after breakfast.
For those who do not reside in Benelux or France,
the price should be adjusted by the correcting factor provided by   Eurostat ►  (last column).

Pre-registration Form ► 

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